Yesterday Jam: Feeling Vintage

This is not a dress, is a skirt! A maxi skirt rolled up to make a fresh strapless dress. You got to try it. I know, this outfit is kinda weird, not-so-me outfit, i guess the heat plus a crazy saturday made something weird in me.
Everything is vintage, except for the glasses (gift) and the sandals (sister`s closet).

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4 Responses to “Yesterday Jam: Feeling Vintage”

  1. Love the tee under the sweetheart dress! Will def. try this style this summer with some of my dresses so I can wear them to work! Love the belt too!!

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  2. this is a cool idea with the maxi are really cute by the way! :-)

  3. Thanks! I think I'll keep the dress then :D

    xoxo ;*

  4. I love the way your dress looks over a t-shirt! Nice combo :)
    La Petite Marmoset