Yesterday Jam: Coming back

Let´s say i was on vacations. Time to think about everything, to find the place you are standing at. Am glad to be back and posting! 
This is a cocktail outfit, remember here is NOT summer, maybe you feel a super heat sensation to see this, but some evenings are actually cold in here! The rain is starting, i love rain, i love the taste of a lot of things like jazz and coffee with a rain atmosphere. 
I wore this wonderful cape, is pretty versatile, part of my winter collection ( supposed to be summer but i wanted a winter collection to close my university cicle ), the dress is also part of "Overtura Estructural", hand painting. Also wearing shoes from a local store ( you can find similar styles in amazon ), vintage belt, accesories from Lovisa, local stores and my own collection. Bag from Esprit. 

Am glad to be back. I miss you, thank you for your visits! 

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8 Responses to “Yesterday Jam: Coming back”

  1. That skirt is so so cool, and I've always loved the look of pumps with tights in the same color, it's just too damn hot to do that look where I am right now!

  2. It looks very cold over there! nice dress!

  3. Me love your clothes.

  4. Great necklace!! xx

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  5. What a true inspiration. I would totally have stopped you on the street! My blog is about my life and inspiring/cute people in Bergen, but there are not a lot of them. COME TO NORWAY AND SAVE US.

  6. This cape is divine, I think I might be a little bit jealous! hehe. xx mandy