Yesterday jam: moody

What about a green printed cashmere sweater dress? What about the choker necklace? What about my desire to look a little bit preppy and fail in the rout? What about the Céline loafers I found silently hidden in the thrift store? What about my bad manicure? Nothing, nothing about that, is just the way I decided to pair my Thursday, an appetizer to match the great company and the bittersweet moments, it was a great day, my favorite soccer team won. 

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5 Responses to “Yesterday jam: moody”

  1. i love the outfit! The shoes are exactly what i am looking for! <3

  2. Your loafers and baseball jacket look so good! Love how they shine!
    So stylish stuff!

  3. I love this outfit , the dress is amazing and you look great

  4. I love the outfit!!

    I added you to GSP now, hope you do too.

  5. The animal print dress is adorable on you! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following now and would love if you followed back :)

    The Tiny Heart