Yesterday jam: Vintage treasures

Maybe you saw our Giveaway post and notice one of this unpublished pictures. I am OBSSESED with Vintage coats, jacket and blazers, and i was in heaven when I met this baby in the thrift store some weeks ago.

I guess there is something magic in vintage treasures, the stories behind the piece, the mystery of the previous owner. Think in a positive way about a used piece was very hard for me at the beginning but at the end i got the crush with the unique pieces, the charming of an old design and old trends that never fades.

Is the previous owner of my military jacket alive? Is a guy or a girl? Is this jacket a heritage of  a genius mind,  lost in some corner of the world? Maybe some day I will know, the possibilities says that definitely i am not going to know but maybe History Chanel buy my story and makes a reality show to track all the previous owners of all my vintage closet.

Until that happened, i am going to wear this wonderful jacket, with my favorite last season modern pieces, like my Médium "Frida" block in color clutch and the "Moon" Médium necklace. And yes, for all of you who entered the giveaway, thank you so much, congratulation to the winner and stay tuned for more free love!

Pictures by Babar.

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